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Bio Kleen Amazing Vinyl Cleaner

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  • •  32 fl. oz. (1 QT) 946 ml

  • •  Removes all ordinary dirt and insect stains, greasy dirt, fish guts and blood, oil-soot, rust stains, old wax, heel and scuff marks, crayons, pencil marks, lipstick and more

  • •  Contains specialized enzymes to break down insect debris and deter the growth of mold and mildew

  • •  Cleans: glass, porcelain, tile, woodwork, stainless steel, plastic, chrome, vinyl, leather, baked enamel, rubber, linoleum, collars and cuffs

  • •  Galleys: Refrigerators, stoves, sinks, cabinets, light fixtures

  • •  Boats & Vehicles: Inside and out

  • •  Heads & Bathrooms: Stools, sinks, tubs and walls

  • •  Dissolves dirt and destroys odors on contact

  • •  A multi-purpose cleaner formulated for deep cleaning of vinyl, leather, fabric, boats, RVs, fiberglass, carpet, counters, chrome, stainless steel, flooring, plastics and anywhere around the home and garage

  • •  Helps brighten vinyl colors and easily removes yellowing and graying from white vinyl
  • •  Biodegradable

  • •  Safe non-toxic

  • •  Environmentally safe

  • •  Professional strength

Model No.: 5590

Price: $15.99